Top Software That May Help You Start Your Graphics Design Career

Top Software For Professional Video Editing That You Should Consider

Software graphics designers use includes Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW, Flash.

Top Software For Professional Video Editing That You Should Consider
Top Software For Professional Video Editing That You Should Consider

Corel Painter, Ulead PhotoImpact and many other graphics software. DTP software like QuarkXpress is also highly popular in graphics design. Let us see details about these graphics software

Adobe Illustrator:

Overview: This is the most widely used vector graphics editing tool for print graphic design. Vector graphics are drawn mathematically using line segments (geometric figures) instead of bitmap pixels (like jpeg images). They generally maintain high clarity throughout the drawing process making them ideal for logos/identities etc. The advanced version released by adobe is called Adobe Illustrator CS3 which comes with many new and advanced graphics tools like:

– Live trace: which is an intelligent tracing feature in CS3, which basically analyzes the image and converts it to an editable vector graphics

– Smart objects: This allows importing various graphic files into illustrator as an object. When edited, the changes are directly reflected inside all other graphics using that same smart object. This helps save a lot of time. Now you can create libraries of these smart objects and use them anywhere in your designs.

– Symbols: A way to reuse common graphics design elements multiple times by linking instead of reimporting them each time they appear. Saving graphics resources means saving time, so symbols save a lot of time while designing graphics for web or print media development.

– Tracing bitmaps: Now you can vectorize graphics images which are in the form of jpeg, PNG and GIF files. This is made possible by including a new feature called Live Trace in this graphics editor.

Adobe Photoshop:

Overview: An graphics editing software for both Mac and Windows PC’s. The tools available in Adobe Photoshop help graphics designers to create/manipulate graphics images or photos on-screen/offline graphics media like web graphics, print media etc. The features include:

– Digital painting toolset with brushes, shapes and colours similar to physical painting process on canvas etc.

– Ability to add multiple design elements on a single image [in laymen click multiple images on a single design layout]

– Powerful graphics design tool like Adobe Illustrator to create graphics images for print media or graphics layouts.


Overview: CorelDRAW is a vector graphics editor with graphics tools similar to adobe illustrator (both are owned by adobe now). It has many advanced graphics design features like Image Tracing, Image Conversion, Enhanced Clipart Library etc making it a popular graphics designer choice. This graphics software currently runs on Windows PC only. Check out the graphics-rich interface of this software here. If you have used both Corel draw and adobe illustrator, you will find that its design interface looks almost the same as the latter’s drawing toolbar. Well, that’s because Corel drawing was inspired by adobe illustrator (and graphics designers often say adobe stole some graphics design tools from Corel while designing CS3). Anyways, graphics images created in this graphics editor can be exported into common graphics file formats like .emf, .wmf, .bmp, .jpeg etc.

Ulead PhotoImpact:

Overview: This graphics software is mainly for individuals who want to do creative graphics design tasks without investing too much time and money. It has all general graphics design features like cropping/rotating/editing images or creating vector shapes using a pen tool etc. Although it does not match the quality of Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator still provides enough features to create simple graphics. Image editing capability is limited and graphics files cannot be directly exported to common graphics file formats like .emf, .wmf, .bmp, .jpeg etc. It is available only for Windows PC and Mac platforms.

Corel Photo-Paint:

Overview: An graphics editor for Windows PC’s that provides support for 2D graphics as well as 3D graphics design (sketches, figures etc). Its interface is similar to Adobe Photoshop but with fewer graphics design tools. Many basic graphics editing features are there but lack an advanced graphics toolset like those in adobe photoshop or Illustrator. Graphics images created in this software can be saved into common graphics file formats like .emf, .wmf, .bmp,  .jpg etc.


Overview: Blender graphics software is available free of cost for all platforms. It’s a professional graphics editor for creating 3D graphics design content. But the graphics tools are limited in comparison to high-end graphics editors like Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw. You cannot create complex graphics images using this graphics tool either. However, the good thing about it is that you can open and edit any kind of graphics file format created in other graphics editing programs like PSP, gimp etc.


All these graphics software mentioned above come with a rich set of graphic design features and they make your graphic design work easier by saving time and effort. For professional design tasks, ad illustrator seems to be my favourite because of the complex graphics tools set. Corel draw seems to be the second choice [for graphics designers because of similar graphics design tool set]. Ulead and Photoimpact graphics software is a good combination for home users looking for a graphics editor alternative at less price. Blender graphics software has very limited graphics design features but can open any graphics file format created in other professional graphics apps. All these graphics software cannot create print-ready graphics images supported by high-end printers, so you need to use Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw for that. Otherwise, all these graphics editing tools are easy to use with a simple GUI (graphics user interface). It would not take more than 10 hours of your time to learn the basics of all these graphics software programs.

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