Top IOS Games That You Should Try Today

Top Software For Professional Video Editing That You Should Consider

Now time to add some fun into the mobile with app games for the iPhone app store. iPhone app store is full of many app games but these are the top must-have mobile games that everyone should try at least once.

Top Software For Professional Video Editing That You Should Consider
Top Software For Professional Video Editing That You Should Consider

1) Angry Birds

One of the most popular and addictive app games of all time, Angry birds has an interesting storyline where you use a bunch of different types of birds to destroy pig fortress/stronghold/castle whatever it’s called. It’s very simple yet fun and engaging. You’ll get addicted soon. []

2) Fruit Ninja

A fun app game to make those boring, irritating moments enjoyable. Slice and dice all those fruits coming your way with a swipe of a finger! Its very simple physics-based gameplay is easy to understand and play, making it a better app game for the younger ones too. [On iOS: ]

3) Doodle jump

One of the most addictive app games available on the app store. This app game tests your patience as you have to keep bouncing up this platform without dying or falling down from it. You’ll definitely get addicted after playing this app game at least once.

4) Sprinkle

An app game by Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds. In this app game, you take on a fire fighting task to rescue people from a burning building. They just don’t have any other way to fight fires so they called you, a firefighter with a water gun(sprinkler) and a bucket full of water to take down that fire! You’ll definitely enjoy playing this app game. [On iOS: ]

5) The Impossible Game

One of the most unique app games available on app store. The gameplay is simple but the difficulty level is absurdly high. The app game tests your patience, focus and accuracy as you try to jump through different obstacles that are constantly moving.

6) Doodle Devil

An app game that lets you unleash your devilish desires on creating & destroying the universe! It’s a very simple app game but it’ll keep you engaged for hours on end, especially if you love solving puzzles. [On iOS: ]

7) Real Steel Champions

One of the most creative app games which makes use of real-life animations rather than cartoon-style graphics seen in other app games. This app game has some of the most unique app game controls and mechanics which you’ll just have to experience yourself. [On iOS: ]

8) Fruit Ninja Free

A free app version of the popular app game from above, this app game lets you slice and dice fruits for as long as you can without dying. It’s a fun app game to kill time with especially if you’re bored out of your mind! [On iOS: ]

9) Angry Birds Seasons

An app game in the Angry Birds series, this app game has many levels with different Christmas themes. It’s a fun app game to play when you’re bored of all the other app games. [On iOS: ]

10) Doodle Fit

An app game that tests your creativity and puzzle-solving skills using simple shapes like squares, rectangles, triangles & circles. It’s a pretty challenging app game after you progress further in levels but it never feels frustrating despite being so challenging! [On iOS: ]

11)Spider-Man Unlimited

An app game with a famous superhero, Spider-Man! This app game is basically endless runner where you run and swing through the skyscrapers of New York. The app game has very fluid controls and an interesting storyline which makes it one of the best app games. [On iOS: ]

12) Candy Crush Saga

One of the most popular app games around right now. It’s a very simple app game but will keep you occupied for hours on end if you’re not careful! I still can’t get enough of this app game. [On iOS: ]

13) Hill Climb Racing

Another app game from the makers of Doodle Jump, this app game tests your driving skills as you race a car up a never-ending hill climb. Be careful not to let your monster truck go over the cliff! [On iOS: ]

14) Can Knockdown 2

One of the most addicting app games on the app store yet again! This app game tests both your precision and patience. It’s very similar to the Angry Birds app game. [On iOS: ]

15) Temple Run 2

The sequel to the original app game of the same name, this app game has an interesting storyline and more variety in terms of power-ups and pickups which you collect while running away from a giant monkey! [On iOS: ]

16) Doodle Jump

One of the most classic app games which you’ve probably played for hours on end. It’s basically an app game where you jump from platform to platform avoiding all sorts of obstacles. This app game has received very positive app reviews over the years for its addictiveness! [On iOS: ]

17) Slender Man

A horror app game based on a popular internet meme who stalks his victims and scares them to death, if he catches them that is! The app game features some pretty good graphics which makes it scarier than most other app games. [On iOS: ]

18) Fruit Ninja

A fun app game involving slicing and dicing fruits! This app game has good graphics and really makes you want to play the app game more and more as you progress through new levels. [On iOS: ]

19) Angry Birds Star Wars

The app game which started it all, this app game is a must-have for any app gamer. It’s an app version of one of the most popular app games around right now. After playing this app version, I’ve been fascinated with the whole franchise, yes it’s that good! [On iOS: ]

20) Sniper 3D Assassin

One app game which is great for killing spare time, probably not one I’d play all the time but still a pretty enjoyable app game nonetheless! This app game has realistic graphics and offers hours of entertainment with its unique gameplay elements. [On iOS: ]


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