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Top Mobile Apps That Everyone Loves

When you think about mobile app development, the app market is an area that will likely come to mind. Since Apple released its app store in 2008, there has been a surge of app creation companies seeking to develop games and apps. There are currently over 1 million apps available for download on both Google play store and Apple’s app store. With this many apps available it can be hard to find the best ones that are designed for your mobile device.

Top Mobile Apps That Everyone Loves
Top Mobile Apps That Everyone Loves

If you are looking for a top must-have mobile app list of games or any other app variety, this list should put you in the right direction. Here is our list of 10 top must-have mobile apps :

1) Facebook Messenger

The biggest social media network in the world since 2004, Facebook produced a mobile app that allows you to have your messages forwarded straight to your mobile device. If you are like most people who do not feel like carrying their laptops around with them all the time, this app comes in handy. You can chat anonymously with strangers via your app by swiping through different profiles and sending pictures right away.

2) Twitter

Twitter is another social media network where users can post short “tweets” up to 140 characters long. This app is great for posting statuses about what you are doing at that moment or even reading what other people are doing abroad. It also has a feature called direct messaging where you can send private messages to friends on Twitter without them being shared on your feed. By having this app, you can tweet and receive tweets straight from your mobile app.

3) Google Maps

If you are like most people who cannot seem to find your way around a new place, then the app map is perfect for you. Downloaded as a must-have app on most people’s phones, it is very accurate with directions and provides step-by-step instructions on where to go. With this app, you will never get lost again!

 4) Pandora Radio

You no longer need an iPod, Mp3 player or any other type of device to play music. The app pandora allows users to create their own radio station according to their musical tastes. It also features different types of songs that are available for download into one place without switching through various sites.

5) Tango

Tango app is becoming increasingly popular as it allows users to communicate with friends and family abroad for free.  By using the app and your mobile device, you can call people from all across the globe. You can also share images and videos as well as text messages so that you do not have to keep checking your e-mails on your phone.

6) Google Drive

As an app as well as a website, Google drive is one of the most useful apps out there because of its ability to store files in the “cloud”. It allows people to access any file they need from any location at any time. It also has a wide variety of apps that allow for easy sharing of documents such as Docs, Sheets and Slides.

7) Netflix app

Who needs to buy DVDs when you can watch the latest movies on the app Netflix?  This app allows users to catch up with their favourite shows or find new ones across genres like comedy, drama, action, etc.  It is also an app that does not require any additional equipment in order to use it since they stream their videos directly onto your mobile device.

8) Spotify

If you are looking for one of the most common must-have apps then Spotify is what you need. It allows its users to create personalised music playlists depending on their preferred musical artists. They can even download songs in case they decide to go offline at some point!

9) Instagram

Probably one of the most famous apps out there, this app allows users to take pictures and edit them using their smart mobile device. Using filters, you can turn even the simplest photo into a work of art. You can also share your masterpieces on other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. It is becoming more popular than ever with its features including direct messaging, hashtags and sharing via e-mail just to name a few! If that’s not enough then consider this app must-haves :

10) Skype

One of the most used apps for video conferencing across different devices since 2003, Skype allows users from all over the world to chat or talk live through their mobile app. You can also send messages to people who are not online. It also has a feature where you can make phone calls all around the world for free.

11) Google Chrome

If you are tired of other browsers, then the app chrome is for you. If you have an android phone, this app can be downloaded separately or your mobile device comes with it already installed. The app allows its users to store their favourite websites so that they do not get lost when switching between apps. It is simple, efficient and easy to use!

12) Groupon

This app allows for discounts on different products in order to save money. By using various deals available through the app, customers can purchase anything from clothing stores to beauty services all at a discounted price.

13) QuickOffice Pro (HTC Only)

This app will help you work easily anywhere. With features like word editing, spreadsheets and presentations, this app will boost your productivity.  It can also open files from other platforms such as Microsoft and Apple. It is a great app to have for travelling or even if you are just looking for something that has more capabilities than the default word/ excel app!

14) Dropbox

Dropbox app allows users to save pictures, videos and different types of documents onto their cloud storage account. It also allows its users to edit these documents on the app itself. You can share a certain file with a specific group of people or make it public depending on what you want to do. Additionally, it is compatible with other apps which means that you can easily switch between them seamlessly throughout your workday without having too much trouble trying to figure out which app you used last.

15) Adobe Reader

This app is one of the most downloaded apps for mobile devices today. It allows users to open and read PDF files on their phone or tablet depending on what they prefer. The app also allows you to annotate a file with different colours, shapes and sizes so that you can easily point out certain things without having too much trouble.


As you can see, there is a wide range of different apps and games that you need to know about. The app market has grown tremendously in the past few years and there are still plenty more apps out there available for download. However, if we’re looking at the app market as it stands now then these 15 app must-haves should certainly help you get started on your mobile app journey.

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