Top 10 Tools For Digital Marketers

Top 10 Tools For Digital Marketers

Digital marketing is becoming more and more important for businesses. With the advancement of technology, digital marketing tools are becoming smarter to help marketers do their jobs better. Here is a list of 10 software for digital marketers that are highly recommended by influential bloggers in the industry.

Top 10 Tools For Digital Marketers
Top 10 Tools For Digital Marketers

1) Google Analytics:

Google Analytics provides detailed statistics about your website traffic and your customers’ behaviour which can help you understand who your customers are, where they come from, what content brings the most value, etc. Some free tools provided by Google include:

– Website Optimizer tool enables you to test different variations of pages created to increase conversions

– Conversion Tracking tool tracks how many times users make a purchase or perform an action on your site after clicking through from one of your ads

– Content Experiments tool helps you test two different pages to find out which one performs better

2) Moz Analytics:

A software tool developed by Moz, an online toolset to help businesses get found online and grow in influence. It allows users to track their website rankings, link building progress, social media analytics, etc. Some free tools provided by Moz include:

– Backlink Analysis tool provides insights on the number of external links pointing back to your site

– Keyword Tracking tool enables you to see what keywords are driving traffic, leads and customers for your business

3) Hootsuite:

Social media management tools allow you to schedule posts across multiple social media accounts and track how posts on these platforms perform over time. Some free tools provided by Hootsuite / Buffer include:

– Multiple RSS feed tools enable you to manage multiple RSS feeds from one location

– Twitter tool helps you monitor your Twitter account for mentions, keywords and links that can help you engage with influencers and grow your customer base

4) Mailchimp:

An email marketing tool that allows marketers to design and send emails as well as track the success of each campaign. Some free tools provided by Mailchimp include:

– Email Ad Template tool provides users with a library of professionally designed templates for them to choose from when designing an email campaign

– A/B Testing tool helps users test two different versions of an email to find out which one performs better

5) Canva:

Canva is a tool that provides users with easy to use design tools for them to create social media images, infographics and other marketing materials. Some free tools provided by Canva include:

– Resize tool enables you to resize your images without losing any quality or resolution so they can fit perfectly on all various device types

– Themes tool helps you create custom designs using layouts, fonts, colours and graphics curated by designers

6) Buffer App:

Manage multiple social media accounts from one tool. Some free tools provided by Buffer / Sendible include:

– RSS feed tool allows you to manage multiple social media accounts from one location

– Analytics tool provides insights on how your social media presence is performing over time

7) Google Docs:

With this tool, users can create and collaborate on documents in real-time. Some free tools provided by Google Docs include:

– Sort tool sorts a column or row of data alphabetically based on the selected column heading automatically while preserving original sheet formatting            (no more sorting each individual cell manually!)

– Themes tool enables you to add a pre-made design to your spreadsheet instantly to make it look more professional and attractive

8 ) Kissmetrics tool:

A tool that allows marketers to collect more data on how their visitors are engaging with the website enabling them to make better decisions when planning future campaigns. Some free tools provided by Kissmetrics include:

– Visitor Insights tool displays in real-time information about site visitors such as location, referral source and time spent on the site

– Customer Profiles tool allows marketers to segment customers based on demographics such as age, gender and location

9 ) Yoast SEO tool:

SEO tool that analyses your content for any SEO mistakes and suggests how to fix them. Some free tools provided by Yoast include:

– Content Analysis tool provides feedback on how well optimized a web page is as well as generates suggestions for improvement

– Site Structure tool helps users create an XML sitemap to help search engines crawl pages more easily.

10) Adobe Creative Cloud tool:

Tools that provide users with access to professional quality digital design software. Some free tools provided by Adobe Creative Cloud include:

– Photography tool allows you to edit photos so they look professional for your social media campaigns

– Illustration tool enables you to create rich, high-quality images that attract your target market

– Stock tool provides you with access to royalty-free artwork and photos for use on digital marketing campaigns.


There are many digital marketing tools available for marketers to use in order to help them plan and monitor their campaigns more effectively. The tools mentioned in this article will provide a good starting point for any new or seasoned marketers looking for software that allows them to streamline the workflow from planning to reporting.

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