Top 10 Gaming Mouse That You Should Buy

Top 10 Gaming Mouse That You Should Buy

In this modern world of gaming, technology has been trying to take gaming to a whole new level. The mice have been the best tools for PC gamers because they can provide a more precise and personalized experience. There are a lot of brands that sell gaming mice in the market but only some which you should consider buying. These top 10 best gaming mouse 2018 will surely give you an idea of what is your next mouse going to be.

Top 10 Gaming Mouse That You Should Buy
Top 10 Gaming Mouse That You Should Buy

1) Logitech G502

The Logistic Proteus Spectrum is one of the most customizable gaming mice on our list today. It comes with 11 programmable buttons which allow you to access many functions whenever required hence providing complete control over your game. And not just that, it comes with a lighting feature so you can choose from 16.8 million colours to illuminate across the entire mouse.

2) Razer DeathAdder Chroma

The next gaming mouse on our list is from one of the most trusted brands in gaming accessories, Razer. The company has been constantly providing high-quality products at affordable price ranges and DeathAdder is no exception. It offers amazing ergonomics as well as provides impressive performance for even professional gamers. There are 5 buttons that can be configured based on your needs and they provide reliable tactile feedback.

3) Logitech G900

Logitech’s flagship mouse, the G900 Chaos Spectrum does not only look good also performs exceptionally well without any input lag. It comes with one of the best wireless connectivity along with a charging dock to provide around 32 hours of battery life on a full charge which is very decent. Also, it comes with 11 programmable buttons which are very easy to configure.

4) Corsair Sabre RGB

The next gaming mouse on our list is from Corsair, another well-known brand for manufacturing high-quality accessories. The company has taken inspiration from their previous products and decided to give this gaming mouse an aggressive design. It offers a 16000 DPI optical sensor that provides extremely smooth tracking over various surfaces while still maintaining excellent accuracy. There are 6 buttons in total to make sure you have enough space to assign different functions based on preference.

5) SteelSeries Rival 700

SteelSeries Rival 700 is next up on our list which comes with an OLED display to check various settings without stopping the game. It features 6 programmable buttons which are easy to configure based on your preference. The mouse packs a 32-bit ARM processor which can be used for advanced button configuration as well as macro recording. There are also LED lights available that allow you to customize the look of your mouse according to your style.

6) Logitech G403

Logitech again, but this time it’s their popular gaming mouse known as G403 Prodigy. This wired gaming mouse looks clean and offers impressive performance. It has an amazing ergonomic design so anyone whether right or left-handed you can use this mouse without any discomfort. There is a total of 6 programmable buttons which are easily configurable and they also feature a light signature so you know which button is for what function even in dark rooms.

7) Razer Basilisk

Another gaming mouse from the well-known company Razer, Basilisk comes with impressive ergonomics which can be used even by professional gamers. Many of its users have praised it for having such incredible performance along with great accuracy due to the presence of 16000 DPI optical sensors. It features 5 programmable buttons plus an additional 2 on either side that provides amazing control over your game. On top of that, it has RGB lighting available that offers 16.8 million colour options to choose from.

8) Corsair Glaive RGB

This gaming mouse is one of the best in its category thanks to its Aggressive styling and overall comfort. This mouse comes with 6 programmable buttons including a dedicated sniper button which can be used to make sure your game doesn’t go off track because of unwanted actions. There are 3 interchangeable thumb grips along with a 16000 DPI optical sensor that offers impressive tracking over different surfaces. It also supports CUE software which allows you to configure this gaming mouse according to your preference.

9) Razer Basilisk Essential

Razer Basilisk Essential is next up on our list that comes at an affordable price but doesn’t let that fool you because it has everything you might need in a gaming mouse. The mouse comes with a sturdy design and ergonomics which makes it comfortable for both right-handed as well as left-handed gamers. It offers up to 16000 DPI optical sensor that provides accurate tracking over various surfaces. There are also 5 programmable buttons, but they don’t feature RGB lighting like the previous model of Basilisk.

10) Logitech G Pro

Last but not least on our list is this new wireless gaming mouse from Logitech, which packs a lot of features into its small body including one of the best sensors on market today. This high precision sensor can go up to 10000 DPI and provide amazing tracking over different surfaces. It has a total of 6 programmable buttons along with rubber grips on both sides. The mouse also features RGB lighting and it is supported by Logitech gaming software which allows you to configure this gaming mouse according to your preference.


Whether you are a MOBA player, FPS gamer or an RTS player, the best mouse will surely be your reliable partner in achieving victory.

The gaming mouse is definitely not just a simple mouse rather it is so much more than that. The high-quality sensors provide fast movement tracking which helps to give you total control over the game and the machine. It has added buttons that help you handle important functions like switching weapons or casting magic spells during intense battles. They also allow you to instantly change camera views when playing games like first-person shooter (FPS) giving you quick access to all areas of the game.

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