Most Popular Online Advertising Platforms To Boost Your Business

Most Popular Online Advertising Platforms To Boost Your Business

Today’s online marketers are faced with a dilemma: the increased cost of Google Adwords and bing ads, combined with the decreasing click-through rates have made it tough to create profitable Google Adword campaigns.

Most Popular Online Advertising Platforms To Boost Your Business
Most Popular Online Advertising Platforms To Boost Your Business

This is where Facebook advertising comes in. By utilizing one of the many high-quality facebook ads management tools available on the market today, you can spend your money more efficiently, reduce costs and increase conversions all at once.

Google Ads:

Google Ads (AdWords) is an internet advertising service developed by Google. It is a type of pay per click advertising in the form of text ads displayed on google search engine and googles partner websites. The google ads service can target specific users who are looking for particular products, services or information through a google search engine. google ads can be placed not only on Google search engine but also through google publisher and google display network.

With Google Ads, advertisers can choose from different ad formats and target audiences based on their requirements. It’s a great tool to get exposure for products and services. Advertisers also have an option to set a daily budget that will automatically optimize bids for them depending on how much they are willing to pay per click or impression. This helps save time and effort without having professionals manage these budgets manually.

Google ads help publishers generate revenue by attracting high-quality traffic from targeted users across google properties, google display network (GDN), Google search partners. In addition, google ads provide reports which make it easy for organizations to track performance clearly.

Google ads can be set up in google analytics. This helps advertisers track how many times users have visited their website, the devices they are using to access google ads and many other details.

Google ads are a great way for new businesses to get started with advertising on Google properties. Its simple, easy to use interface makes it suitable for beginners who wish to get started with google ads without much effort or expertise. It also provides unlimited clicks which means an advertiser will never run out of budget while paying per click rather than cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM).

There’s no doubt that Google has come a long way as an advertising platform and is now considered as one of the biggest online advertisement platforms ever. It helps google to get even better at advertising and innovate new ways of targeting customers.

After making a few changes in its google ads, google is now once again getting popular among advertisers. Google’s biggest advantage is that it offers everything you need to advertise your product or service from start to end under one roof. This includes analytics, tools for managing keywords and campaigns, ad creation and management support. In addition, google ads provide conversion tracking which helps advertisers measure how many visitors have been able to complete their goals on the website after seeing an advertisement on google search or GDN networks.

Facebook Ads:

A great way to get a little more out of your social media marketing strategy. These ads are beneficial for any business, regardless of their size or industry.

With Facebook Ads, you can target potential customers based on several different factors. Whether it’s by age, location, likes or interests – no matter what you’re looking for, there is a targeting option that will help you get the most bang for your buck.          It’s true that this platform has been around for some time now but many small businesses still aren’t taking advantage of its powerful ways! If you’re new to Facebook Ads and wondering how much they will cost you in order to bring in business.

Bing Ads:

The Bing Network helps you reach over 500 million daily users with your online ads. This is the perfect platform to use if you need exposure for your business.

As with any paid advertising, there are costs associated with Bing Ads. The key is determining how many clicks or conversions you can get within your budget. You can control your budget by setting a cost-per-click (CPC) amount that you are willing to pay per visit to your website from an ad on Bing Network.


The biggest advantage of using Facebook ads as opposed to google or bing ads is its targeting abilities – both on the basis of interest (such as “running”, if you sell running shoes), but also by location (if you live in a new york city, those who live here will see your ad) and even by age range (if you run a sporting goods store and want to target those who are 18-30 years old, Facebook will show your ad only to those people).

This is actually one of the biggest advantages that google ads currently have over Facebook ads – google allows you to create rather detailed demographic profiles of its users, which results in better targeting. However, it’s worth mentioning that Google has been under fire lately for invading user privacy with these new policies. As far as bing ads go.. well, they are pretty much google 2.0 right now 🙂

If your goal is not simply getting more sales or generating more leads on an ongoing basis but rather increasing awareness for your brand among potential customers, using Facebook advertising can be highly beneficial – you can create a campaign that targets your desired market and run it for as long as you need until you’ve reached your goals.

Whether you’re looking to increase sales, conversions, or just spread the word about your brand, Facebook advertising is quickly becoming one of the most powerful online marketing tools available. For those interested in getting started with this platform but not quite sure where to start from – there are many excellent Facebook ads management tools on the market today.. google for Fb ads management software and choose one that fits your needs best 🙂

It’s important to note however that Facebook has been rather unforgiving lately when it comes to businesses advertising illegally on its platform – any business caught doing so will have their ads removed and be subject to an investigation – so make sure you know exactly what you’re doing before putting your money on the line.

If you are looking for google ads management tools, Bing AdCenter or Google AdWords can be a good starting point. Adwords is free to get started with but becomes more expensive as soon as you start scaling up your campaign. Bing ads have a self-service option that lets marketers create campaigns without any additional costs.

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