Best Domain Registrars In The World

Best Domain Registrars In The World

“A domain is the address of your website or email. A domain name can be purchased through a domain registration company, which also provides hosting and related services”

Best Domain Registrars In The World

Top domain registration companies are companies that provide domain registration to customers around the world. They offer various services such as hosting, email solutions, domain management etc… The list below is in no particular order since all of these companies are well known in the industry and have great reputations for quality products and customer service.


GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain name registrar. They offer domain registration, hosting services, website builder tools and more. One of their most popular products is domain parking, which allows you to park your domain for free while you browse their website for other products or services to add on. It’s a great way to search for other related domain names while browsing GoDaddy.

2:Google Domains

This domain registration service was announced in May 2015 by Google and it will be officially launched later this year (2015). Google Domains has only been available in limited release throughout select parts of the USA but it should become available worldwide very soon! Google offers exclusive pricing plans that are below market value because they don’t want domain registrars to compete with them since they have all the domain names.


NameCheap is a domain registration service that offers domain name registration, email forwarding, web hosting and virtual private servers. They also offer domain transfer services so you can switch domain registrants for free if you’d like to move your domain from another domain registrar.

4:Go Hover

GoHover is a domain registrar that focuses on low pricing and world class customer support in order to provide great value in terms of products and services. It’s surprising how many domain registrars put up high prices in order to make more money but Go Hover believes it should be about customer satisfaction instead of profits… Their domain registration pricing is actually one of the most competitive domain registration prices in the world.


Hover is an innovative domain name registrar that provides domain names for life, free domain redirects and domain masking (to hide your personal information) for all domain registrations. They’re also the only domain name registrar with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!


NameCheap is different than most other domain service companies because they focus on making it super easy to search for available domain names so you can get what you want… NameCheap has added features such as suggested domain names based on related keyword searches so you don’t have to use any guess work when searching for available domains. They also offer domain auctions, domain backordering services and domain sales after the domain name has expired.


GoSale domain registration is another great domain registrar that offers competitive domain pricing, 24/7 customer support and domain management tools to allow you to control all your domain names under one account. GoSale also allows you to manage multiple domain registrations at once by adding other domains to your account for free!

8:Domain Discreet

DomainDiscreet is a fantastic domain registration service because they have some of the cheapest prices in the industry but unlike most other companies on this list, they don’t rely on domain parking to generate revenue. Their domain registration prices are so cheap because domain parking is not their main source of income so you aren’t forced to search for domain names while sitting through multiple sales pitches… DomainDiscreet offers the cheapest domain registrations in the industry but without any hidden fees or domain name sales pitches!


EnCirca specializes in domain translations which allows you to purchase domain names using other country suffixes such as .cn , .uk etc… If your business primarily operates in a specific country then it makes sense to use that country’s domain suffix since it will make it easier for visitors from that country to find your website. EnCirca also offers free domain whois protection to help protect your domain name from domain hijackers and registrars that allow domain parking without forcing domain parking into their domain registration services.


Hexonet is a great domain registration company that offers domain registrations for as low as $1 USD per year, free domain transfers and world class customer support… Hexonet also has one of the fastest domain transfer speeds in the industry. If you need a quick transfer or domain name change then it’s really nice to know they have such fast transfer speeds so you don’t have to wait around all day like other companies! Hexonet truly does offer some of the cheapest domain names on the market with high end customer support and easy transfer times.

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