Best Customer Support Software That Can Increase Your Business

Best Customer Support Software That Can Increase Your Business

There are many software’s available for Customer support, some software’s are free and some software is paid based on the number of users or site users. The following infographics show you the Top 10 software for Customer support.

Best Customer Support Software That Can Increase Your Business
Best Customer Support Software That Can Increase Your Business

List of top 10 software for customer support:

1) Zendesk

Zendesk is software used to help the customer support team with their work. Zendesk automatically routes tickets to the relevant agent, tracks its progress and helps both parties communicate with each other. Also, Zendesk has a self-service portal for customers where they can access their accounts 24/7.

2) is also a software for providing great customer service on or mobile devices through its chat and email. helps in reducing the time required to respond to customers and also has various tools such as form builder, favourites, scheduled chats and more.

3) Freshservice

It is easy to install software with no installation or download required. It allows companies to manage their entire IT service management process from one place by scheduling jobs, tracking tickets, monitoring service levels & escalating them automatically.

4) Tender Support

Tender is software that enables companies to create, publish and manage support content from a fully branded customer portal. They help in saving money & time by enabling companies to provide great customer service remotely without involving the IT team.

5) Groove

Groove provides software that allows employees to be more productive and work together efficiently with data security. It records all the interactions between customers and the company’s employees along with timestamps to make it easy for both parties to understand the situation completely. Also, Groove has a chat feature where multiple people can join a conversation at once. Some features of this software are automated workflows, personal workspace for each user to track their work, 1-to-1 chat, priority support and more.

6) Olark

Olark software is live chat software that helps in creating relationships with customers to help them find the answer they need without wasting their time. Also, it gives businesses an insight into their customer’s behaviour. Olark software is a user-friendly software that doesn’t require any special technical skills to use them.

7) Jira Service Desk

Jira Software is software for service desk software that helps companies track & manage every customer request, every issue and every change. They help in reducing the time employees spend on support by automating repetitive tasks, prioritizing based on business values and collaborating to find solutions. Jira software also allows users to create a knowledge base for the self-service portal, tickets can be assigned automatically based on predefined rules, allows communities for collaboration between customers & staff etc.

8) Freshcaller

The main focus of Freshcaller software is Customer care management software with voice calls. Freshcaller software includes software like OneClick dialer, chat software, ringless voicemail, IVR functionality etc. Freshcaller software is focused on building a great relationship with customers by providing real-time information & follow up.

9) Freshdesk

Freshdesk is another software for Customer support teams, it is also very effective software with many features which are not available in Zendesk. It records all customer interactions which can be reviewed later on based on the milestones reached by the customers.

10) Deskproto

Deskproto is an enterprise-grade Support Desk solution that enables you to provide fast, organized, professional support over email or chat – whether your company has 5 employees or 500. Deskproto offers a lot of software, one of them is software for Customer support.

11) Mautic

Mautic is an open-source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation Software. This software is used by organisations around the world to build successful relationships with their customers through email, social networking sites and mobile devices.

12) Live chat software –

Many software is available in the market that offers a live chat facility to your website, some software is free to use with limited time/usage per day while some software is paid ones which comes at a low cost. This software offers good customer service facilities to visitors of websites.

13) Hootsuite

Hootsuite is software to schedule posts on social media, manage multiple social media accounts and get analytics reports. It can be used by companies to provide customer support service on Twitter, Facebook etc.

14) Customerio:

Most powerful live chat software helps you sell more, get more reviews and grow your business. This software allows companies to use a live chat facility, provides real-time insights about visitors of websites using software like Google Analytics, Hotjar etc.

15) SnapEngag:

SnapEngage is another software for live chat support that offers many features like in-app messaging, SMS alerts, email notifications etc.

16) Helpshift:

Helpshift offers all the same features as SnapEngage, but what separates it is that it offers an SDK. This means you can embed the chat window inside your app or on your website.

17) Zopim:

Zopim software makes live chat easy with its customer support software which comes with many features like, automated notifications, Live agent status, Customer profile management etc.


The software listed above is very helpful to solve all queries, issues or problems faced by customers. You can use the software mentioned above or you can also use other software available in the market that fits your work requirement.

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