All You Need To Know About The Best Car Trackers

All You Need To Know About The Best Car Trackers

A car tracker is an electronic device that tracks the location and speed of any vehicle. The majority of modern trackers measure their position using satellite navigation, but GPS tracking devices use various methods including cell tower triangulation and/or RFID technology to determine location. These types of trackers are commonly used by trucking companies, concerned parents or even private investigators.

All You Need To Know About The Best Car Trackers
All You Need To Know About The Best Car Trackers

Car Trackers come in three main types: active, passive and hidden. Active car trackers continuously emit signals containing either a unique identifier code or geolocation data for the purpose of aiding other devices to locate them. Passive trackers do not send out signals on their own because they rely solely on information from other systems, such as radio frequency identification (RFID), to locate them. Hidden car trackers are wrongly named because the devices need not be hidden at all from their targets, but they do have special abilities that ordinary trackers don’t have.

Who uses car trackers?

Private Investigators use car tracking tools for surveillance and covert operations. There are various different types of trackers available on the market today, all with varying degrees of features and reliability. Tracking a vehicle can help Private Investigators collect evidence in many cases including infidelity cases, child custody disputes and locating a missing person or stolen items. Many insurance companies also offer discounts if you install a tracker in your insured vehicle as another form of security against theft or vandalism. Parents also use trackers to keep an eye on their teenage children. Teenagers are known to be reckless drivers and using a tracker is a good way of keeping them safe on the road.

Who manufactures car trackers?

Car Trackers can be very expensive, but you can get discount prices from some online stores that have been specially set up just for this product. If you want to buy car trackers make sure you do your research before making a purchase and always buy from an authorized dealer or manufacturer. You can also find free reviews of various available car trackers on websites like CNET and Top Ten Reviews. Number 1 on our list is ” Black Box mini-Garmin GPS Tracker – Get Live Location Updates, Geo-Fence Alerts + Speeding Alerts via Text Messages or Email”.

The best car trackers are devices that allow you to keep track of your car’s location. You can easily find out where your car is, see the route it has travelled and know what speed it was travelling at. This can be particularly useful if your vehicle is stolen, but you should note that the majority of manufacturers specify that they do not guarantee that their device will always help you recover a stolen car. Some companies advertise “live” tracking as essential for all customers, but this only applies to certain models which require paid membership fees although there are other ways to get hold of cars’ location information even without paying any money. So below we have compiled a list of our 10 favourite car tracker reviews, including devices from brands such as AVL, ViaStar, SBD and more.

Every car tracker features different features so you can choose one that matches your needs. Some of the most important factors to consider are the following:

Price The prices vary tremendously depending on how much information you want your tracker to provide. The cheapest models only let you know where your car was last seen whereas the more advanced trackers allow you to monitor how fast it was travelling at any given time and even alert you if it leaves a certain area.

uSD Memory Most devices have uSD memory cards that let them store data for large amounts of time without having to transmit anything; this feature is useful in case they get stolen because it means that whoever stole your car will not be able to disable them.

Quality of Trackers A good tracker should be durable and work in any kind of condition, even if your car is covered with snow or alongside the beach for example. Be careful when buying cheap imitations because they might not last long or provide accurate information about your car’s location.

Power Source Most trackers are powered by batteries but some plug directly into your car’s OBD socket which makes it easier to install them without having to change any aspect of your vehicle. Make sure that the tracker you choose has a battery that can last at least 4-5 days before you need to recharge it again.

Compatibility Some models only work with cars manufactured after 1996 whereas others are compatible with all types, including old cars. If you own a vintage car and can’t find a compatible device in our list below, we recommend the Carista OBD Scanner which works in all cars and can show you where your car is located even if its battery has died or it’s been hidden somewhere.

Compatibility with your mobile device Most devices work either with iOS and Android platforms but some of them only work with one type of device so make sure that you compare their specifications before buying anything.

Black Box mini-Garmin:

This black box car tracker gives the user real-time updates on vehicle speed and location. The device uses a GSM network to send an SMS or email with its current location if stolen. This product is ideal for fleet owners and other large organizations such as municipalities. It comes with a 3-year warranty and can be installed in several different ways depending on your individual needs.

Carista JC- 100 GM OBD2:

Best Car Tracker Under $100: The best car tracker under $100 is definitely the Carista JC- 100 because it works with all GM vehicles which mean that you can use it in your car no matter how old it is. It also features an OBD2 diagnostic tool so if there are any issues with the engine, ABS or airbag then the tracker will detect them and show you what they are via its app. This device plugs into your car’s OBD system and draws power from it which makes installation easier than for similar products that need batteries.

VAST 3310:

Best Car Tracker for Cars Manufactured after 1996: If you own a car manufactured after 1996 then this might be the best choice because VAST offers many different models designed specifically for specific types of vehicles. The VAST 3310 has an Android and iOS app which lets you monitor it from your smartphone, plus its battery lasts up to 5 days in case the car gets stolen or towed away.

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