All You Need To Know About cPanel

All You Need To Know About cPanel

cPanel is a cloud-based hosting platform that allows users to host websites on servers they own or rent out from a provider like A2 Hosting. It can be used on any device with an internet connection including phones, tablets and laptops which makes it highly flexible, and a single account provides access to a large range of features such as email addresses, databases and HTTP/FTP security options.

All You Need To Know About cPanel
All You Need To Know About cPanel

Included With cPanel Shared Hosting:

  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Email Accounts (POP3/IMAP)
  • MySQL Databases (PHPMyadmin)
  • As many domains as you like; Subdomains; URL Redirection; Parked Domains; Alias Domains
  • Apache Handlers/Modules/Includes (ON/OFF Switcher)
  • Cron Jobs (Set Routine Tasks)
  • Roll Outdated Software Updates Automatically

Enterprise Grade Infrastructure: Each cPanel is deployed on enterprise grade infrastructure with advanced physical security measures. With 24×7 support, our systems are monitored around the clock for performance and availability. This ensures that your website will always run smoothly regardless of demand.

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Free 24/7 Support (phone, chat and ticketing system)
  • DDOS Protection – cPfailover Technology
  • SSL Certificate (Free w/ Let’s Encrypt)
  • CDN Integration (Fast & Secure Cloudflare + MaxCDN)

Advanced Email Features: One of the most effective ways to make a lasting impression on your customers is through email marketing which makes this type of service highly valuable for any business looking to grow its client base. Our enterprise-class email solutions include tools such as autoresponders, mailing lists, newsletter templates and contact management so you can send out personalized messages at scale.

  • Email Marketing
  • Webmail with Spam Filter
  • IMAP/POP3 Support
  • Email Aliases/Forwarders

Shopping Carts & eCommerce Tools: Stores can use cPanel to build an online store or brick and mortar store front, allowing them to sell their products through the web. This type of service comes with a number of features which are designed to create an easy to navigate user experience including catalogs, product images, search bars and more. It also comes with tools that allow you to easily know what your best selling products are.

  • Shopping Cart (cPay)
  • SEO Ready URLs

Web Application Firewall: Hackers look for weak spots in websites to exploit which makes this type of service very important for businesses who are looking at growing their client base. This feature ensures that your site is protected against malicious attacks and it also includes an SSL that can be used with Let’s Encrypt for free.

  • CDN (Fast & Secure Cloudflare + MaxCDN)
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) Protection

Mobile Optimized: The types of sites that people visit now vary depending on the device they happen to be using, so a web platform needs to have a responsive design which adapts to different screen sizes accordingly. cPanel automatically adjusts its layout whenever someone visits from a smartphone or tablet making your website more accessible no matter the device in use.

  • Mobile Optimized Interface
  • Password Strength Requirements & Phone Verification
  • Cloudflare Integration for Caching

Customizable Theme Options: Your web design is important to your business’s overall image, so it makes sense that you would want to have full control over how it looks. cPanel allows users to change their theme by using color pickers or uploading custom images. It also comes with a number of widgets which can be used to promote social media profiles and highlight products.

  • Custom Themes via HTML/CSS editors
  • Prebuilt Themes (Simple, Clean, Flat)
  • Website Branding/Backgrounds/Icons etc.
  • 404 Error Page Management
  • HTML5 Support & WP/Joomla Support
  • Responsive Layouts for all devices

Should you buy cPanel?

Should you buy cPanel, or go for a web hosting company that offers cPanel as part of their services? This question comes up time and again in forums all over the internet. A majority of our readers opt to use cPanel rather than any other control panel because it is known to be one of the best available anywhere. We tried to find an answer by directly asking some of the big hosting service providers on whether they offer cPanel or not, but we ran into more questions than answers. There are too many factors that influence this decision – price range, features offered, support etc., making it difficult for us to recommend buying cPanel licenses.

Having said that, there are also some web hosts who sell the right to use their own version of cPanel, which they have developed in-house. It is always better to opt for such web hosts – you can get almost all the features offered by cPanel, with little or no compromise on your part. Plus, these companies work directly with their customers and are able to provide much better support than those who outsource customer service.

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