All You Need To Know About Apple Watch

All You Need To Know About Apple Watch

Apple Watch, one of the most anticipated smart wearable devices in 2015 is finally here. It made its debut on 9th March and has since been making a buzz with its great features and luxury pricing levels.

All You Need To Know About Apple Watch
All You Need To Know About Apple Watch

Here’s a brief look at all that you need to know about Apple Watch:

What is it? And what can it do?

Apple describes the device as: “a revolutionary new way to connect with people.” A new product category, some would say. It is largely marketed towards women; however, there’s nothing stopping men from buying this smartwatch if they feel like splurging on something for themselves or their loved ones (that will make them more attached).

To get an idea of what the device can do, the Apple product page suggests: “The most personal and precisely engineered wearable ever,” is packed with a plethora of sensors and is powered by an S1 SiP (System in Package), which has all its electronic components in one place.

Battery Life:

The watch boasts an impressive 18 hours battery life for typical usage and wearers will be able to go out with just their watch strapped on without having to worry about it dying on them anytime soon. It also features built-in wifi support through 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz protocols with no option for cellular connectivity at this point; however, Apple insists that they would work towards making it happen in future models if people really want such a feature.

Home Screen:

Apple Watch’s home screen greets the users with a clock graphic that changes throughout the day to reflect changing times of various locations across the world. The user can choose from over 30 models to go with different straps and have fun customizing the device as per his/her style sense. In addition, it also features activity functions such as reminders for calorie intake, heart rate monitor support and many more fitness-related features.


Interaction wise, it uses force touch technology which detects how hard you are pressing on its sapphire glass surface; however, the functionality is limited underwater so you cannot go swimming while wearing your watch unless you take it off first.


As far as price is concerned, Apple has priced the device at $549 for its 38mm model whereas the 42mm costs $100 more. These are just base prices, however, and do not factor in extra taxes which could make it costlier depending on where you buy it from.


What’s impressive about Apple Watch is its seamless integration with iOS 8; users who already own an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus will definitely love using this gadget because it connects with their phone to show new messages or calls received by the user. The corresponding app will also allow him/her to send quick responses via voice messaging (dictation), emojis (pre-defined messages) or scribbles (you can draw something on your watch).

You can set up different complications that will help you know the weather, your next meeting, nearest subway station or even alert you about your current heart rate; this can be done by using different watch faces that further customize the device according to one’s personal preference.

Lastly, the Apple Watch also features remote functionality for playing games like chess on your iPhone (though it doesn’t include any hard buttons but only requires swiping); this along with its other countless functions make it an attractive purchase to say the least.

Summing up

To conclude, Apple Watch is an ultra-slim smart wearable device made up of high-quality materials like steel and glass; it is packed with some great features that will convince anyone to go for at least a quick test drive. All in all, it’s a fantastic device that not only looks stylish but also has enough functions to make you want more of it.

But since the second edition of the Apple Watch is set to release some time soon, one may wonder if they should really go for this first model or wait for something new & better (don’t worry, the new version has many promising features like NFC support). Currently, though, I would suggest buying it because its first-generation series will definitely fetch you good resale value if you ever decide to sell out; on top of that, you can always keep an eye on newer models coming up so as to avoid spending too much cash on the older ones.

However, do remember there are other smartwatches like Samsung Gear S and Pebble Time which you can check out if this option is too expensive for you; some of them even offer more features than Apple at prices that are almost half the cost.

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