10 Features Every Mobile Should Have

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Every year, when the latest mobile phone models roll out onto the market, we see people rushing to buy them. You can tell that it’s mostly men who do this because they all want bigger screens and more features than any sane person would ever want. However, there are some of us who aren’t so easily impressed by specs alone. After all, what good is an ultra-powerful camera if it doesn’t deliver attractive photos?

10 Features Every Mobile Should Have
10 Features Every Mobile Should Have

So which features should you be looking for in your next mobile phone purchase? Let’s take a look at 10 that everybody wants:

1. GPS

Everyone wants to find where they are, and most people want the information on their phones because that’s easier than carrying around a separate GPS unit. Unfortunately for our collective bottom lines, it seems like all mobile phone companies are choosing to leave this feature off of their products. That’s why these days they’re probably one of the most popular gadgets you can buy for cheap at any electronics fair; everyone has realized how useful they are.

2. NFC

Okay, so maybe you haven’t heard of Near Field Communication yet, but it will be everywhere before long if the mobile industry has anything to say about it. This way you don’t have to enter your credit card information or anything else into your mobile device anymore—just wave your phone in front of the credit card terminal and bingo, you’re done. As soon as your mobile device supports this feature, it will be one of the first things that you should turn on.

3. OTG cable support

OTG stands for “on-the-go.” This is not about USB drives (those are called Flash drives). What OTG cables do is make it possible to plug a keyboard or mouse into your mobile device, or even an external hard drive or another hardware component. If you’ve ever tried to run Photoshop on your mobile device, then you know how useful this can be if your phone supports it.

4. Magnetic ports

Another thing that many people do realize their phones already have is a magnetic port. This isn’t a separate input like you use to plug in your headphones, and it’s not the same as the data port that you can use to transfer files or sync your phone with your computer (the latter only works when the former is plugged in). The magnetic charging port on your mobile device works by having a magnet inside of it; this makes it possible for you to snap on different cases that have built-in magnets in them—you don’t need to take off your case before you charge up.

5. Crossword puzzle app

Most people would enjoy playing crossword puzzles on their phones, but nobody seems to be making one yet—and what fun is having a smartphone if it doesn’t come with some apps? This feature is not only useful, but it’s also fun. Crossword puzzles are great for keeping you stimulated while waiting in line at the bank or grocery store.

6. Easily removable battery

Not everyone wants to get into the intricacies of rooting their mobile device; that’s why if your phone has a removable battery then it should be easy enough for anyone to do so. Now there are some people who might want to extend battery life without having to carry around an extra-large case constantly, and this way they won’t have to choose between having more time before their phone dies or being able to fit their phone in their pocket anymore.

7. Biometric recognition

Biometrics refers to something unique about your body that can be used to verify your identity. In the past, companies have been slow about adopting this technology because it costs more and is difficult to implement; the good news is that there are really cool things we can do with biometric technology in mobile devices. There’s no reason why you should be able to swipe a finger over your phone and turn on the display as you can with some modern smartwatches, right? And if your fingerprint reader works for online payments too then you’ll never have to worry about getting locked out of your account ever again.

8. A wireless charging dock

This is another feature that almost all mobile devices come with these days (especially since Apple introduced it), but it has one little: You still need to plug it in to charge it up. You shouldn’t have to worry about plugging your mobile device in every time you need to charge it at night, so if this feature is available then you should go ahead and use it.

9. 64-bit processors

While most mobile devices are already 64-bit capable, they actually don’t come with these features enabled—and even some flagship devices like the Galaxy S5 can benefit from it (especially when playing GPU intensive games). This refers to the size of the processor; while 32-bit processors can process 32 bits at a time (which is 4 bytes), 64-bit processors can handle twice that amount of data at once (8 bytes). As more people start doing 3D gaming on their phones, then they should have access to a processor that can keep up.

10. Better speakers

This is an easy one: if your mobile device has a speaker built in it, then it should be loud enough for you to enjoy your games and movies without having to plug in headphones. If the sound from the speaker is coming out muffled or tinny, then why should anyone have to deal with that? Fortunately, there are phone cases that can give you better sound even when it isn’t plugged into anything (there’s one I remember called Hengbao 3D Sound Box).

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